Injection Molding Manufacturing Services at PTC Lima

Our injection molding capabilities have lead us to manufacture products for a variety of specialized industries

When our company was founded more than 35 years ago, we began as a custom molder. That tradition continues with our ability to offer 27 injection molding machines with equipment ranging in size from 55 tons to 1,500 tons. Additionally, we are able to perform post molding operations including hot stamping, pad printing, assembly, and more.

We have produced plastic components for a wide variety of industries. See a full list here.

As we have grown, we continued to update our manufacturing capabilities to enhance our ability to be innovative. As such, we have begun the implementation of robotics into our process. We have also designed and implemented our own custom made automatic assembly machines for our assembly department.

In 1998, PTC purchased our first 1,500 ton injection molding machine. Since then PTC has added six additional machines between 1,000 and 1,500 tons. With our large press capacity and robust and automated infrastructure, PTC specializes in large part injection molding.

OurĀ materials include commodity and engineered resins.

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